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The Benchmark i-SECURIT is a network and data security training system that has been jointly developed by Benchmark Electronic Systems and AU-KBC Research Centre, Anna University, to educate and train users on different real world network security threats and data encryption methods.

i-SECURIT – A One Stop Solution
  • Training for Network Administrators and Security Experts
  • Emulates a real-life network to give hands on training on live security threats
  • Complete courseware for classroom or self-paced learning

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Innovative Design Allows Real Life Training

The Benchmark i-SECURIT is a complete system with two interconnected real life networks – the “Trusted Network” and the “Black Network”. These networks are isolated from the real world i.e. any corporate or campus LAN and the Internet. The i-SECURIT Central Control Unit (CCU) runs the network services, administration and control methods. The Black Network users attempt to compromise the services by different attacks, such as Intrusions, Password Cracking, and Denial of Service. The trusted network users simultaneously work on, and are trained to deploy, suitable counter measures to keep network services running properly.


The Benchmark i-SECURIT covers a large gamut of network security threats and its users can obtain hands-on experience with a wide variety of network security issues and cryptography methods. The course design allows the learner to read about a concept, witness a demonstration and then actually practice its execution. This meets the study flow of beginners as well as industry professionals.

Through a single Benchmark i-SECURIT, you can connect up to 15 PCs, with one slot reserved for  the network administrator, and can start working with as little as two to three PCs.


Benchmark has worked with experts in the field of network security and cryptography to create comprehensive learning material for conducting complete network security courses. The course material has been presented by pedagogy experts for ease of learning and long term retention.  Users can follow the theory and go through the exercises for a complete understanding of the concepts through self study. This also makes it ideal for user paced learning.

Training Design Approach

Benchmark i-SECURIT Experiment Topics are designed at three levels:

  • Level I: Running Network Services
    • Network services to be run and procedures to be adopted are discussed.
  • Level II: Attack the Trusted Network and shut down the services
    • The methods used in attacking network services and shutting them down are explained in this level. The manual explains the same with step-by-step instructions.
  • Level III: Training on Network Security Counter Measures
    • The user is trained on Network administration and monitoring methods used to protect a network from cyber attacks – as experienced in Level II – as well as on different techniques such as cryptography, honeypots, etc., to ensure data and information security.

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