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Get started with the Benchmark Imaging Solution (BIS)

Benchmark offers a powerful but affordable imaging solution based on Matrox Imaging products to get started with imaging. Compact and versatile, it imparts imaging concepts based on real world applications.

Additionally, it provides a complete and easy-to-use programming library for image capture, processing, analysis, display and archiving.

The Benchmark Imaging Solution comprises the following:
1. Image Capture Card
2. Camera
3. Illuminator / Lighting
4. Imaging Software

The Solution is ideal for imparting learning in real world applications such as Education, Image Analysis, Machine Vision, Medical Imaging, Surveillance / Security and Video Analytics.

Image Capture Card
Image Capture Card
The Matrox Morphis is a cost effective frame grabber card capable of capture from multiple, standard video sources.
bis morphis 01

bis camera 01

The included camera is well equipped with outstanding features such as back light compensation, AGC and Gamma correction.

Illuminator / Lighting
Rheostat controlled high intensity quartz halogen illuminators designed for microscopy, lab and workstation applications. Miniature 20W MR-11 halogen illuminator provides excellent colour rendition.

Imaging Software

Imaging Software
Comprises the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). MIL is a comprehensive collection of software tools for developing industrial imaging applications. MIL includes tools for every step in the process: from application feasibility, to prototyping, through to development and ultimately deployment.

Alternatively, the MIL-Lite. The Matrox Imaging Library (MIL-Lite) is a high-level programming library with an extensive set of optimised functions for image capture, display and archiving.

bis mil box

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Morphis 2VD Frame Grabber card or equivalent with Camera, Lens, Power adapter, Camera stand, Camera Interface Cable, High Intensity Illuminator (Lighting), MIL Development Toolkit with Matrox Inspector and User Guide/ Documentation.

Morphis 2VD Frame Grabber Card or equivalent with Camera, Lens, Power adapter, Camera stand, Camera Interface Cable, MIL-Lite Software and User Guide/ Documentation.

* Specifications are subjected to change without notice

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