Walking through the Training System

Industrial IoT training system in Chennai

  • Programming fundamentals for iCONSe nodes
    - Compiling and uploading basic “Hello World” program to iCONSe nodes
  • Reading sensor data over UART - I2C, SPI, analog, digital sensors
  • Understanding various sensors' performance

IP based networking (IPV6/6LoWPAN)

Ip based iot platform company in Chennai

  • Understanding the RPL Border router protocol and collection of sensor data through the RPL border router
  • UDP server-client operations with iCONSe nodes
  • Communicating with iCONSe nodes using the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • Packet Sniffing demo

Understanding Wireless Sensor Network

Industrial IoT platform using Contiki

  • Reading sensor data from all iCONSe nodes in the network
  • Understanding network formation when iCONSe nodes are repositioned

Project Platform

Field alterable IoT system

  • Controlling actuators within LAN (IP network)
  • Remote server access
    - Plotting a chart for the sensor data over a specific time interval using a charting tool (example Google Chart)
  • Cloud access
    - Storing and retrieving data in cloud through Gateway
    - Accessing cloud directly by nodes

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