Benchmark's image processing solutions are being used extensively in industry and industrial research organisations such as the Steel Authority of India (SAIL), Defence research and development bodies, India's space research programme, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and the automotive, pharmaceutical and packaging industries, Corporate companies to name a few. Image Processing also finds extensive use in applications such as medical imaging like CT scans, biology (scanning electron microscopy) forensic study, security applications, Machine Vision like Inspection, identification, Analysis, Automation, Measurement and remote sensing, etc. It is also an active area of research with multi disciplinary applications.

Benchmark provides individual equipment as well as integrated image analysis and processing solutions comprising:

Application we address:


Smart camera helps the wheels go 'round and 'round
Machine vision-based assembly system fits and mounts wheels onto cars in continuous operation.

Industry: Automotive
Product(s): Matrox Iris GT


You've got the cutest little BabyFace™
Matrox 4Sight used in 3D ultrasound diagnostic imaging

Industry: Biomedical
Product(s): Matrox 4Sight


Shock treatments
Shanghai Electric Utility Uses Machine Vision To Read Meters

Industry: Electronics
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library, Matrox Iris P-Series

Fabricated Metal

Where the vision meets the metal
MIL determines path for cutting sheet metal

Industry: Fabricated Metal, Robot Guidance
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library, MIL-Lite, Matrox Meteor-II

Food & Beverage

A quest for the best – looking fruits and vegetables, that is!
Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) ensures that only the highest quality produce reaches grocery store shelves

Industry: Food & Beverage
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library

Heavy Industry

Matrox Imaging helps keep trains on the right track

Industry: Heavy Industry
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library


Case packing made better with machine vision
Beverage manufacturer uses smart camera-based packaging inspection system to eliminate orientation and count errors

Industry: Packaging
Product(s): Matrox Iris GT


Machine vision-based granule and powder inspection system helps pharmaceutical manufacturers improve quality
High-accuracy system powered by Matrox 4Sight industrial computer and Matrox Imaging Library (MIL)

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library, Matrox 4Sight

Robot Guidance

Turbo Stress
Integrator digs deep inside Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) to inspect turbine blades in aircraft engines
Industry: Robot Guidance
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library

El Pasaporte, Por Favor
Vision used in passport verification system

Industry: Security
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library


The art of parking surveillance

Industry: Traffic
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library

Wood Products

Lumber support
Matrox Imaging smoothes out knots in wood inspection

Industry: Wood Products
Product(s): Matrox Imaging Library, Matrox Meteor-II, Matrox Genesis

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